Benefits of Membership

As a GNEX Market Member, you join a steadily growing community of international almond producers, consumers and traders.

Our trading platform is a quick, efficient and anonymous route to global physical almond markets. But there are many more benefits to GNEX Market Membership:

Efficient Route to International Almond Markets

The GNEX trading platform provides quick, efficient access to a range of standardized almond commodities to meet the majority of international trading demand.

Online and mobile trading applications provide you with unrivalled control over bid/offer pricing and timing.

Low Cost

Our trade commissions are among the lowest in the market!

Standard Trading Contract

GNEX's Standard Almond Trading Agreement, GNEX-SATA™, provides an independent and balanced contract for trading almonds through the trading platform.

Market Members are invited to participate in the the agreement's ongoing revision process.

Anonymity Assured

All bids and offers are anonymous on the trading screen until point of execution, when counterparties' identities are revealed to each other. Trading parties’ identities are never revealed to the market.

Counterparty Control

Retain control over which parties you trade with. The trading platform ensures that you only trade with pre-agreed counterparties.

If you use a 'Block' or Approved Brand list, the platform will ensure that any trades comply.

Market members can use the platform to invite existing trading partners and to extend their trading reach to new parties.

Market Transparency

All firm bids and offers are communicated in realtime to Market Members, giving you a powerful insight into current market conditions.

Current and historic market pricing is also available to members.

Post-trade shipment workflow

The GNEX platform supports you from trade through to final payment to ensure that contract obligations are fulfilled.

The platform's independent record of actions reduces the chance of dispute or protracted arbitration.


Please call us on (415) 635-0536 or send us a request for more information on membership.


Commission for Mobile and Online Trades

Sellers pay a low fixed per-lb commission on each trade.

Buyers pay no trade commission

There are no charges for placing bids and offers on the platform


We have a range of membership options to fit your organization's requirements.


Please call us on (415) 635-0536 or send us a request for more information on membership and pricing.


All prices exclude VAT or Sales Tax where applicable